cancer and your health numbers

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Know Your Health Numbers and Take ACTION!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. And while no cancer is 100% preventable, being aware of your “health numbers” is a good first step to taking control in trying prevent this disease. Knowledge is power, and understanding your health numbers should be your first step towards adopting […]

small meals or 3 square

Small meals or 3 Square? Is there a best size for all?

There have been claims and research on both sides:  “To lose weight, it’s better to eat 3 square meals a day and avoid snacking” or “Eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day facilitates weight loss.” So which is best? Small meals or 3 square? “Best”, when it comes to nutrition …. well it’s hard to […]

Transform Your Life With Healthy Habits

Transform Your Life (Part 3 – 1% Better Actions You Can Take Today)

We talked about how diet’s don’t work in Part 1. In Part 2 we touched on setting up systems for success instead of focusing on goals. In this post I want to go over 5 ideas for healthy habits to help move you toward creating a healthy lifestyle! What are healthy habits? “Habit” – defined1. […]

Transform Your Life (Part 1 – Diets Don’t Work)

It’s not easy to eat less food. It’s not easy to make a lifestyle change. It’s not easy to accept diets don’t work. With this multi-part blog series I’m going to share some historical data and ways to enact healthy changes in your life without yo-yo dieting. Why Diets Don’t Work I recently watched an […]

What to Eat Before a Workout for MAXIMUM results (10 Ideas!)

In order to get the maximum benefit from your workouts, you need enough energy to get thru them.  Food fuels your workouts, and it’s important to eat before exercising.  Working out on an empty stomach will leave you low on energy and can cause your body to burn muscle tissue for energy.  So regardless of […]

Work “In” When You Don’t Have Time to Workout

I’ve coached many people over the years who offer good reasons why they don’t have time to workout. Even well-intentioned people who make plans for tomorrow’s workout can give up when tomorrow arrives and the million pressures of life become too much to manage. If this sounds like you, I offer this suggestion. “How about […]

bear with soft measuring tape for body fat

Don’t rely entirely on your BMI

People everywhere commonly use BMI (Body Mass Index) as a quick-and-dirty way of gauging whether they’re within the “normal” weight range.  But beware!  BMI is strictly a ratio of your height-to-weight and says nothing about your body composition or fitness level.  Depending on the person, it’s quite possible to get a misleading result. Here’s why: Muscular people […]