GFWA Transformation Challenges have helped 214 people lose 1933 pounds & win $6810 in cash prizes!

The Get Fit With Ashley Transformation Challenge is for everyBODY.
You will have my total support and the support of the whole group. No one gets left behind!


Real Life GFWA Transformations

How it Works

Transformation Challenge participants lose big and win big too!

The Challenge is a weight-loss competition where the leader board is based on % weight loss, not pounds. Participants weigh-in weekly during the Challenge and collect raffle tickets at their weigh-ins based on their progress.

The prize money pot starts with a $25 contribution from each participant and that pot of money grows throughout the Challenge with penalty fees ($5 each) incurred for missed weigh-ins and pounds gained week-over-week. At the conclusion of the Challenge, those with the highest % weight loss receive the largest chunk of the total prize money and the remaining prize money gets raffled off to the other participants.

During the Challenge the participants receive personalized support from me, both individually and as a group. I check in with each participant at minimum of once per week and will hold three educational and inspirational virtual group meet-ups to keep your motivation high!

Check out this video from my Fall 2021 Transformation Challenge Kick-off Meeting to explain how it works:


April 23 – June 18, 2022 (8 weeks)

Looking something Rewarding and Fun?

I would love to have you join my Transformation Challenge and I promise to hold you accountable and give you lots of support and encouragement. The group aspect of these Challenges is really special. We have group zoom meet ups where everyone can get to know one another!

You can participate by weighing in live or virtually. You can go solo or have a partner. A decision on number of winners & percentages of winnings will be determined after the signup deadline. There will be a minimum of 5 guaranteed cash winners.

Kick-off / Q&A
Free information session (Zoom):
Monday 4/18/22 @ 7:30-8:00pm

Deadline to register & weigh in is Saturday 4/23/21 at 9am

Initial weigh-ins: April 19 – 23
8 Additional weigh-ins weekly thru June 18
Weigh-ins take place in-person before any GFWA class, or virtually at a scheduled time Monday-Saturday
Challenge weeks run Mondays – Saturdays
Participants weigh in on the same time and day each week

$100 Challenge registration
$25 Prize money contribution

Final Results & Celebration
Virtual celebration & winner announcements via Zoom! YAY!
Sunday 7:30pm, 6/19/22
Must be present on the Zoom to win the raffle (~ 15 minutes)

Past Results
Fall 2021 Challenge participants at the Final Results online celebration!

Check out these Impressive Leader Boards:

Fall 2021 Virtual Partner Transformation Challenge
34 people — 268 pounds lost — $1095 prize money

Spring 2021 Virtual Partner Transformation Challenge
19 people — 156.9 pounds lost — $595 prize money

Winter 2021 Virtual Partner Transformation Challenge
38 people — 372 pounds lost — $1060 prize money

Summer 2020 Community Transformation Challenge
21 people — 194.8 pounds lost — $725 prize money

January 2020 Knoll Product Development Transformation Challenge
22 people — 248.1 pounds lost — $685 prize money

Back in 2013-2015 I ran Transformation Challenges with my Boot Camp classes.
Here are some of the best memories from those days!

Fall 2015: 17 people — 118 pounds lost — $570 prize money
Fall 2014: 25 people — 212 pounds lost — $765 prize money
Spring 2014: 26 people — 197.5 pounds lost — $815 prize money
Fall 2013: 17 people — 164 pounds lost — $500 prize money

Design Your Own

Want to do something special with just your group of friends or coworkers?

I have lots of experience creating programs for groups of people in both fitness studios and the corporate workplace. I am a natural leader and have helped hundreds of people be successful in losing weight by providing constant motivation, inspiration, training and accountability. Let’s design a program that meets your group’s needs!

Here are some thoughts on ways we could customize your program, but I am open to all ideas.

– Weekly weigh-ins
– Weekly check-ins
– Goal setting
– Accountability
– Leader Boards
– Visual metric tracking (weight, water, mood, steps, exercise, sleep)
– Virtual workouts
– Virtual coaching
– Zoom meet-ups
– Fitness challenges
– Prizes
– Education sessions