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“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”


GFWA creative Transformation Challenges have helped 166 people lose 1508 pounds & win $5120 in cash prizes!

In my unique Transformation Challenge the participants lose big and win big too! The Challenge is a weight-loss competition where the leader-board is based on % weight loss, not pounds. Participants weigh-in weekly during the Challenge and collect raffle tickets at their weigh-ins based on their progress.

The prize money pot starts with a $25 contribution from each participant and that pot of money grows throughout the Challenge with penalty fees ($5) incurred for missed weigh-ins and pounds gained week-over-week. At the conclusion of the Challenge, those with the highest % weight loss receive the largest chunk of the total prize money and the remaining prize money gets raffled off to multiple winners.

During the Challenge the participants receive personalized support from me, both individually and as a group. I check in with each participant at minimum of once per week and will hold three educational and inspirational virtual group meet-ups to keep your motivation high!

Look at these amazing transformations! This could be YOU!

The Get Fit With Ashley Transformation Challenge is for everyBODY.
You will have my total support and the support of the whole group. No one gets left behind!

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