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“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.”


Friends who get fit together are the best kind of friends. There is nothing nicer than having somebody you can sweat with, be vulnerable in front of and who holds you accountable.

Train With Your Friends

$30 per person (30 minutes) | $45 per person (45 minutes)
Grab two friends and let’s get fit together! I will develop a group workout that’s safe, challenging, and fun for everybody, regardless of any differences in fitness levels. We’ll work on burning fat and toning muscle in both solo and team exercises. Spend time with your friends, laugh, work hard and hold one another accountable. Workouts are always more fun with a friend.  This program is for a group of 3 participants.

Fitness Challenges & Events

$100 per hour
Ready for an adventure? Want to do something different and cool? Join me for a unique and customized  challenge involving a variety of sport, agility, speed, fitness and fun at local parks or on the trail. I will challenge you both physically and mentally to improve on your personal best. This will be an “event” and experience you will be proud to have completed.