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“Do your best and forget the rest.”


During your private training sessions I will motivate you and hold you accountable. Our workouts will build your confidence, make you stronger and improve your mental and physical wellness.

Personal Training

30 minutes
1 person: $50 per session | $225 for 5-pack
2 people: $40 per session/person | $180 for 5-pack/person

45 minutes
1 person: $75 per session | $337.50 for 5-pack
2 people: $60 per session/person | $270 for 5-pack/person

60 minutes
1 person: $100 per session | $450 for 5-pack
2 people: $80 per session/person | $360 for 5-pack/person

Join me in my beautiful studio for a private session tailored to your abilities and fitness goals. I have all the equipment we need to have an exciting, challenging, effective and safe workout. There are many ways to train, some of the most popular options can be found here. I offer a 10% discount for booking 5 sessions. If you would like to train with a partner, each partner will receive 20% off of the single-person rates. Please contact me for a free tour of my studio and consult to get to know one another so that I can create a spectacular program customized just for you.

Virtual Personal Training 30

$50 per session | $225 for 5-pack
Visit my schedule or contact me directly and book a one-on-one personal training session with me! We can meet online and do a virtual session via Zoom. We will connect ahead of the date to discuss how I can design your session to meet your goals. Whether you have your own equipment or prefer a body weight workout, I will customize something perfect for you.

Personal Training with Accountability

$600 for 5 weeks
For the very serious and determined client who wants to be held accountable to their commitments on a regular basis. Together we’ll define a 6-week goal and weekly mini goals as well as the specific plan for achieving success. I will provide a private and personalized web-based dashboard where clients will complete an obstacles analysis which will put measures in place to minimize or eliminate any potential pitfalls along the way. In addition, clients will be required to complete a daily log to track their progress. During 1/wk training sessions and several times in between sessions, we will review progress and celebrate successes to keep motivation high. Training with Accountability includes personalized coaching on goal-setting, lifestyle changes and eliminating obstacles. Also included are 5 personal training sessions (45 minutes including both coaching & exercise), a daily log book and continuous encouragement to keep you on track.

Fitness Assessment

$75 (1 hour)
A 1:1 personal fitness assessment takes about one hour and includes an evaluation of your strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. The evaluation is performed strictly according to AFAA guidelines and is completely safe. This is an excellent way to get a baseline from which to measure your progress. You will receive a multiple-page letter detailing your assessment results as well as the norms for your gender and age range. In addition, a personalized written recommendation for exercise and calorie consumption will be provided.

Fitness Challenges & Events

$100 per hour
Ready for an adventure? Join me for a unique and customized challenge involving a variety of sport, agility, speed, fitness and fun on Perkiomen trail and/or local parks. I will challenge you both physically and mentally to improve on your personal best.  his will be an “event” and experience unlike anything you’ve done before!

Take Home Workouts

$15 each
A take home workout is a unique workout written for you personally, that you can do at home in between your personal training sessions. Take home workouts are designed to be 20-30 minutes in length, and will consist of circuits, intervals, toning and muscle building exercises. Take home workouts are a great resource for the times in your day when you can find 20-30 minutes to fit in a workout but don’t have enough time to get to the gym and aren’t quite sure what to do.

Lifestyle & Weight Management Coaching

$45 per session
Personalized 30-minute one-on-one sessions designed to explore your health-related goals and what’s holding you back. Sound, certified and safe advice provided regarding how a change in your lifestyle can bring about desired results. Education about the psychological aspects of weight management and physiological impact of obesity are integral to the coaching session. Strategies for exercise and weight management for a goal of permanent weight loss will be discussed. Combine lifestyle & weight management coaching sessions with a personal training package for full effectiveness!

Body Composition Analysis

$45 per session
A 30-minute comprehensive and enlightening overview and personalized analysis of Body Mass Index, Body Fat %, Lean Body Mass, Waist-to-Hip Ratio and body measurements. Includes detailed step-by-step logical process to calculate a safe and reasonable weight loss goal based on reducing body fat and maintaining or increasing lean body mass. Cardiovascular disease risk factors will be analyzed and recommendations made for reducing risk. A personalized analysis of basal metabolic rate and the method of calorie counting will be shared with emphasis on how calorie-counting works to stay accountable to achieve fat loss goals.