Personal Training

You deserve to feel good about yourself.

Let me show you how effective, safe and goal-oriented workouts can give you the results you want in less time.  Training sessions are packed solid with challenging exercises to push you beyond what you thought you could do.

Each training session is customized for you, based on your fitness goals.  Commit to yourself, put in the time, bring the effort – and you are guaranteed results.  There are various Training Modes available – something for everyone!  In addition, check out the Special Offers for some additional options.

Personal training is available for all ages and fitness levels.  Sessions can be private (one-on-one) or semi-private (you and a friend).  Sessions are either 30 minutes or 1 hour.  Check out Pricing and Policy for more information.

Sessions will be held at mutually agreed upon location, time and frequency.

An initial fitness consultation is free for prospective clients.  During the consult we will discuss your fitness goals and perceived roadblocks.  The modes of training will be reviewed so we can find what’s best for your needs.

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