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Ashley worked with me for 6 months as a personal trainer and it was a great experience.  I have belonged to the big box gyms and watched the trainers there just stand around telling people what to do and then chatting with other trainers, and I always thought that they seemed so disconnected and uninterested in what their trainee was doing.  My experience with Ashley was the absolute opposite!  She took a real personal interest in my goals, my progress, and my feedback.  If I mentioned that I liked a particular exercise she made a mental note of it and the next week she would incorporate that into my workout.  I felt that each workout was thoughtfully put together with my goals in mind and it wasn’t just a generic workout used for all of her trainees.  Ashley is a great cheerleader and provides feedback and encouragement.  However, she doesn’t go easy on you!  For example, if I would choose to do a modified version of an exercise, she would suggest that I try to do the last 3 reps in the full exercise.  She made sure to push me to my limits so I would get the most out of each session.

Over the course of 6 months, along with a reduced calorie diet, I was able to increase my strength and endurance tremendously, I lost nearly 20 pounds, and I just feel so much better.  I’m looking forward to working with Ashley again and I would recommend her as a trainer or instructor.

Carrie, Collegeville, PA


So I debated with myself for some time whether or not to sign up for Ashley’s indoor boot camp classes.  As a 40-something with the demands of kids, wife and job, I’d neglected to take much care of myself for the last few years.  I’d consider myself as having been “athletic” as a younger man, but the intimidation factor of a “boot camp” was still weighing on my decision to join.  I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and to give it a try.  The least I could do was embarrass myself, right?  Well, it’s four months later and I haven’t missed a session.  My progress is evident to all my new, supportive friends
in class. I have increased my strength and endurance while dropping weight doing something I actually enjoy.  In addition, I’ve been introduced to other invigorating exercise regimens such as Spinning.  There are many exercise options available out there; However, I feel very fortunate to have made that initial decision to join Ashley’s class.  I’ve learned that many instructors can lead a class, but few can motivate you the way Ashley can”.

Greg, Limerick, PA


I have known Ashley for approximately 7 years as an aerobics teacher, friend, and most recently, boot camp instructor.  Ashley has always had the ability to motivate even the most “unmotivated” students!  I believe this has everything to do with the way she appeals to her students:  as just one of them.  She makes you feel as if you are never alone in your challenge; whether it is to strengthen muscle, lose weight or simply to stay physically fit.  Ashley always has a positive outlook and a never-say-die spirit that has helped to many of her students believe in their ability to accomplish their goals!

Danielle, Collegeville, PA


I am a 65 year old triathlete.  I met Ashley at the YMCA in a spinning class and we actually started to run together after class.. She was intense!  As I got to know her, I learned that she was a personal trainer and taught aerobics.  Eventually she began to teach a number of the spinning classes at the Y.  I try to make her class whenever possible.  After Ashley started her Saturday morning Boot Camp, I participated in several classes.  I even encouraged a friend who was just getting started on her fitness journey to sign up.  I told her that everyone would be challenged but I knew that Ashley would constantly assess her students and modify the activity whenever needed so that all would be successful.

Ashley is extremely knowledgeable in exercise physiology, a number of fitness disciplines and has the ability to motivate her students to push beyond  what they thought possible without the IN YOUR FACE techniques used by so many instructors.  So if you are serious about getting fit or are looking for challenging workouts, I definitely recommend you give her classes a try.  You’ll be better for it.

Bob, Limerick, PA


I met Ashley through a friend who recommended I “try-out” her boot camp offered at Manderach Park on Saturday mornings.  I do not enjoy exercising, nor have I done it on a regular basis.  I have to be pushed or have someone do it with me!

So I show up at boot camp, alone.  I’m the first person there besides Ashley, who is setting up.  She introduces herself.  Very personable, very sweet.  Then the remainder of the attendees of the first session arrive.  I am the heaviest individual there.  However, I am there, pushing myself through the hour-long session.

Throughout the hour, Ashley made recommendations to anyone who felt they were not able to do a particular exercise, she gave alternatives, so that we were ALL still exercising.  She is VERY methodical in her timing, down to the last nano-second, making sure we get the most out of our money!  By the end of class, I am a dripping mess of sweat, but SO glad that I participated in her boot camp!  It’s 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning and I’ve already burned over 600 calories!  I’ve got the rest of the day to do what I need to accomplish!

I challenge anyone who doesn’t like “exercising” to give Ashley’s boot camp a try.  Challenge yourself to accomplish something that “may look” like you can’t do and realize, I am able to do it!!!!  Exercise is not supposed to be comfortable.  We need to push or BE pushed out of our comfort zone!  It really works with Ash’s help!

Connie, Limerick, PA


I met Ashley as an aerobics instructor through Aerobic Rhythmics.  She is a fantastic instructor and great at motivating you to MOVE!  When I decided to take my workout regimen to the next level, Ashley introduced me to Spinning classes.  I started taking the classes and began to see a loss in weight.  As I started to lose more I wanted to tone up.  I came to Ashley for a plan that would help me tone up and build muscle.  Through boot camps and 6 months of personal training sessions I have achieved above and beyond my greatest expectations set forth in January.  I highly recommend Ashley for ALL of your fitness needs!  She is fun, energetic and truly cares about helping you to achieve your goals!  YOU ROCK!!!

Devan, Collegeville, PA


Working with Ashley is a pleasure.  Ashley is professional and responsive to my needs and goals in regards to living a healthy lifestyle.  Ashley is dedicated to her work.  She is upbeat, always smiling, and plays great workout music!  Working out with Ashley ROCKS.  Thank you Ashley for all that you have done for my mind, body, and spirit.

Kelly, Schwenksville, PA


I feel boot camp has challenged me in every aspect of my life..ie..physically and mentally.  I have learned a lot about myself.. my assets and my limitations.  I have learned to find other avenues to get around my limitations.  I also really enjoyed the encouragement from everyone, especially Ashley.  The atmosphere is more encouraging than driven/competitive.  Basically, Ashley is a great motivator and her boot camps are a perfect addition to any fitness routine.

Amanda, Schwenksville, PA

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