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It is my mission to meet people wherever they are in life and to help them discover their potential by providing customized instruction, coaching and support. Below are testimonials written by my beloved clients over the years.

I have known Ashley since 2012 when she offered a boot camp in our children’s preschool on Saturday mornings. Our group of 15 men and women were up for any challenge Ashley threw our way because she made every workout different, challenging, and fun! The following year, because of strong interest and growth, Ashley started offering classes at the local library in a large room where the group continued to benefit from Ashley’s talent of instructing fitness classes. From there, she started offering boot camps at the local park, 1:1 classes at her in-home studio where she has every piece of workout equipment to challenge you and keep the workouts new and different, virtual classes, and online classes.
I have watched Ashley grow her company and true passion over the years, and while her offerings have changed, there are several things that I knew on day 1 that still hold true 9 years later: Ashley is doing exactly what she was meant to do in life, and her clients have benefited greatly from her expertise. Ashley is 100% invested in each and every client. You won’t find a better-suited trainer than her, and you will have a friend for life in Ashley! Ashley has spent years learning about health, fitness, and training so that you don’t have to invest your own time doing so. No matter what setting I have trained with Ashley (group fitness, in-home 1:1 training, online and virtual training), the results have been very consistent and well worth the investment. Ashley’s energy and motivation will keep you going beyond your own expectations, she is a true cheerleader by your side throughout your journey, the plans she creates for her clients are personalized and evolve with you as your goals can change and she is happy to modify along the way, and she will invest her time and energy into you so that you will succeed! While I have tried other plans and trainers over the years thinking I would just change it up, they never lived up to their claims and I was always disappointed that I even questioned trying something different and wasted time and money doing so.
If you have set a personal goal to make your health a priority and you’re looking for the means of going about it because you’re determined to meet your goals yet feel overwhelmed by the process, Ashley is your go-to that you can rest assured you’ve made that right decision in moving forward! Get Fit With Ashley!
– Jenn B, Schwenksville, PA

I have known Ashley for several years. Our boys have the great blessing of growing up together. This has, in turn, created the foundation for knowing Ashley both as a friend and as a personal trainer.Ashley is my biggest cheerleader! She is dedicated and determined to help me reach personal and physical goals. Ashley cares for me as a whole person, my physical and mental health, which is really important these days. It’s not about just losing weight. Ashley has helped me to find joy in the process, and it is a process. With her by my side, I know I won’t fail. She coaches, guides, motivates and empowers! A quality I love about Ashley is that she is there anytime to give you a boost, and sometimes a motivational kick in the butt. She does it with a genuine passion for health and wellness. Ashley, thank you first and foremost for your friendship, but secondly for being exactly what I needed to get back on track. The journey isn’t over and some days it feels like it’s just beginning, but man am I thankful you’re by my side!
– Lynn H, Schwenksville, PA

I have known Ashley for several years as a friend and co-worker. I had always admired her spirit and determination. I don’t know why it took me so long to ask her to help coach me into fitness. I have enjoyed a few short lessons and I feel fantastic! Just by asking a few questions about my goals and what I thought I wanted, she put together a thoughtful series of workouts to focus on the areas I felt needed the most attention. Each session was full of different and unique challenges. She is so good to point out the appropriate technique and cheers you along the way as she is exercising right along with you! Her approach is thoughtful and safe and most of all FUN! She was able to provide all of the necessary equipment in her state of the art center. I cannot wait to sign up for my next session! If you are even thinking about trying a coach to work on your fitness, look no further – you want to GET FIT WITH ASHLEY!!
– Terry M, Red Hill, PA

Ashley worked with me for 6 months as a personal trainer and it was a great experience. I have belonged to the big box gyms and watched the trainers there just stand around telling people what to do and then chatting with other trainers, and I always thought that they seemed so disconnected and uninterested in what their trainee was doing. My experience with Ashley was the absolute opposite! She took a real personal interest in my goals, my progress, and my feedback. If I mentioned that I liked a particular exercise she made a mental note of it and the next week she would incorporate that into my workout. I felt that each workout was thoughtfully put together with my goals in mind and it wasn’t just a generic workout used for all of her trainees. Ashley is a great cheerleader and provides feedback and encouragement. However, she doesn’t go easy on you! For example, if I would choose to do a modified version of an exercise, she would suggest that I try to do the last 3 reps in the full exercise. She made sure to push me to my limits so I would get the most out of each session. Over the course of 6 months, along with a reduced calorie diet, I was able to increase my strength and endurance tremendously, I lost nearly 20 pounds, and I just feel so much better. I’m looking forward to working with Ashley again and I would recommend her as a trainer or instructor.
– Carrie B, Collegeville, PA

I met Ashley as an aerobics instructor through Aerobic Rhythmics.  She is a fantastic instructor and great at motivating you to MOVE!  When I decided to take my workout regimen to the next level, Ashley introduced me to Spinning classes.  I started taking the classes and began to see a loss in weight.  As I started to lose more I wanted to tone up.  I came to Ashley for a plan that would help me tone up and build muscle.  Through boot camps and 6 months of personal training sessions I have achieved above and beyond my greatest expectations set forth in January.  I highly recommend Ashley for ALL of your fitness needs!  She is fun, energetic and truly cares about helping you to achieve your goals!  YOU ROCK!!!
  – Devan S, Collegeville, PA

Working with Ashley is a pleasure.  Ashley is professional and responsive to my needs and goals in regards to living a healthy lifestyle.  Ashley is dedicated to her work.  She is upbeat, always smiling, and plays great workout music!  Working out with Ashley ROCKS.  Thank you Ashley for all that you have done for my mind, body, and spirit.
Kelly C, Schwenksville, PA

I met Ashley about 10 years ago when a friend convinced me to join this workout class 2 nights per week where this instructor would literally have you dancing through an hour of sweating & light strength building. Ashley took her instructor to another level! She brought music speakers to hear all around the room, frozen towels to use for a cool down, and a big huge smile that made you smile back. After a year or so of twice a week sessions, I hired Ashley to personally train me. She motivates, inspires, & entertains you, all while kicking your butt into gear! Reuniting with Ashley again recently gave me the opportunity to join her weight loss competition. While I didn’t think I had much I wanted to lose, I did have a few unwanted pounds to shed after turning 50, experiencing the global pandemic, and coming off the holidays. Ashley allowed me to deviate from the typical weigh in time to better suit my needs. We talk for 15 minutes per week & I get off the call so excited to start a new healthy week. Ashley advised me on my workout plan, gave food suggestions, and made me comfortable, but not too comfortable, in my skin. I love that Ashley pushes me to be the best ME I can be! A great big virtual hug to a woman that keeps me striving to reach my goals & never lets me off the hook!
– Margie S, Schwenksville, PA

Looking for the best fitness trainer in the area? Look no further than Ashley from Get Fit with Ashley! Ashley’s boot camps and classes are both rewarding and challenging. Her weight loss challenges are fun (yes, fun) and effective. Her personal training is exceptional. But the best thing about Ashley is the loving and supportive community that she creates while you are on your fitness journey. Ashley and all of the members of GFWA become friends and family and we all support each other week after week. Thank you, Ashley for all that you do. You are the best!
– Amy B, Schwenksville, PA

I met Ashley over 10 years ago through a mutual friend at a party. We had many things in common; working full time, young kids, aging parents, etc. I was subsequently “coerced” into attending one of her aerobic classes by the mutual friend. I was not feeling in the mood before I went, but once there and the class started, it was so much fun! Her classes included lots of dance moves and good music. The hour class felt like 15 minutes. I left that first class, excited for the next one. Over the years, I have attended Ashley’s boot camps, indoors and outdoors, and always felt accepted and motivated in such a positive way through her instruction and training. I took part in a filthy fun mud run as part of Ashley’s team and really enjoyed it, which was something I would have never thought to do on my own. While doing one of the boot camp sessions, I also took part in her weight loss challenge and am currently part of another weight loss challenge with her. Ashley is an amazing person overall! Specifically, regarding her personal training, exercise classes, boot camps, weight loss challenges, etc.- she is an awesome motivator. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition and exercise and makes herself available as much as needed. Seeing Ashley’s bright, beautiful smile and knowing she is routing for you, makes you want to do the work and put the effort out to be a healthier, fitter version of yourself. You can see her excitement and love of her craft in her eyes!
  – Jen L, Limerick, PA

I first began working with Ashley in her boot camp classes about 8 years ago. I have also taken her spin classes and participated in her transformation challenges. She is amazingly supportive and an incredible cheerleader. Ashley’s classes are good for all fitness levels, during classes Ashley has modifications for those that need it and is incredibly supportive with those of us that have a ways to go to reach our fitness goals. Ashley will frequently check in after class as well. The transformation challenges have helped me to learn what my body needs to be its healthiest self while having the support of Ashley to cheer me on and offer suggestions. In addition to Ashley’s classes and challenges she has also created an incredible community of supportive people. I may be competing against them in a challenge, but Ashley has created a network that is also cheering each other on for the greater good of everyone with an overall goal of a healthier mind and body. Ashley has an enthusiasm in her classes that encourages everyone. I feel so lucky to have found Ashley’s classes and challenges.
  – Susan A, Schwenksville, PA

I am a 65 year old triathlete.  I met Ashley at the YMCA in a spinning class and we actually started to run together after class.. She was intense!  As I got to know her, I learned that she was a personal trainer and taught aerobics.  Eventually she began to teach a number of the spinning classes at the Y.  I try to make her class whenever possible.  After Ashley started her Saturday morning Boot Camp, I participated in several classes.  I even encouraged a friend who was just getting started on her fitness journey to sign up.  I told her that everyone would be challenged but I knew that Ashley would constantly assess her students and modify the activity whenever needed so that all would be successful.  Ashley is extremely knowledgeable in exercise physiology, a number of fitness disciplines and has the ability to motivate her students to push beyond  what they thought possible without the IN YOUR FACE techniques used by so many instructors.  So if you are serious about getting fit or are looking for challenging workouts, I definitely recommend you give her classes a try.  You’ll be better for it.
  – Bob L, Limerick, PA

My many adventures with Ashley over the last 10 years have included Aerobic Rhythmic classes, Boot Camps, and Weight Loss challenges. Ashley has always offered options for all levels of fitness & maintained a positive attitude that encouraged everyone to do their best. MANY long lasting friendships were formed in those boot camp classes & everyone followed Ashley’s lead of being kind & supportive.  During the weight loss challenges, Ashley educates her participants so they have the tools to make healthy choices. She encourages lifestyle changes that are healthy and long lasting- no fad diets or unhealthy eating habits. Thanks to Ashley’s programs, I have maintained both fitness & nutrition plans that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to more adventures with Ashley- it will definitely be FUN!
  – Beth L, Limerick, PA

I have known Ashley for many years, and I have ALWAYS appreciated her commitment to health and wellness.  Ashley is my biggest cheerleader.  She has supported my wellness journey through many phases.  She has helped me to grow stronger, leaner and better in so many ways.  Ashley’s workout classes are the best I have ever experienced.  She modifies for all levels to challenge and support everyone.  I have participated in several of her weight loss challenges, and have experienced much success!  Ashley cares about her clients as people.  Whenever I work with her, I KNOW I will be a better person, physically and emotionally. 
– Chris H, Skippack, PA

I met Ashley through a friend who recommended I “try-out” her boot camp offered at Manderach Park on Saturday mornings.  I do not enjoy exercising, nor have I done it on a regular basis.  I have to be pushed or have someone do it with me!  So I show up at boot camp, alone.  I’m the first person there besides Ashley, who is setting up.  She introduces herself.  Very personable, very sweet.  Then the remainder of the attendees of the first session arrive.  I am the heaviest individual there.  However, I am there, pushing myself through the hour-long session.  Throughout the hour, Ashley made recommendations to anyone who felt they were not able to do a particular exercise, she gave alternatives, so that we were ALL still exercising.  She is VERY methodical in her timing, down to the last nano-second, making sure we get the most out of our money!  By the end of class, I am a dripping mess of sweat, but SO glad that I participated in her boot camp!  It’s 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning and I’ve already burned over 600 calories!  I’ve got the rest of the day to do what I need to accomplish!  I challenge anyone who doesn’t like “exercising” to give Ashley’s boot camp a try.  Challenge yourself to accomplish something that “may look” like you can’t do and realize, I am able to do it!!!!  Exercise is not supposed to be comfortable.  We need to push or BE pushed out of our comfort zone!  It really works with Ash’s help!
  – Connie B, Limerick, PA

I met Ashley on a school bus while we were chaperoning our elementary school aged children on a field trip. I was at a low point in my life with diet and exercise. Meeting her changed my whole direction. I signed up for her boot camp a few weeks later and began to get in the best physical shape of my life. I had tried several things before working out with Ashley but nothing had impacted me or helped me stay motivated quite like working out with Ashley. Her energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge was contagious! She knows what she’s talking about, she knows how to teach you what works, and she is inspiring! She has not only become a great coach for me, she has become a great friend. You can not go wrong hiring Ashley to help you meet your fitness goals!
  – Beth G, Schwenksville, PA

I have known Ashley for approximately 7 years as an aerobics teacher, friend, and most recently, boot camp instructor.  Ashley has always had the ability to motivate even the most “unmotivated” students!  I believe this has everything to do with the way she appeals to her students:  as just one of them.  She makes you feel as if you are never alone in your challenge; whether it is to strengthen muscle, lose weight or simply to stay physically fit.  Ashley always has a positive outlook and a never-say-die spirit that has helped to many of her students believe in their ability to accomplish their goals!
  – Danielle M, Collegeville, PA

I feel boot camp has challenged me in every aspect of my and mentally.  I have learned a lot about myself.. my assets and my limitations.  I have learned to find other avenues to get around my limitations.  I also really enjoyed the encouragement from everyone, especially Ashley.  The atmosphere is more encouraging than driven/competitive.  Basically, Ashley is a great motivator and her boot camps are a perfect addition to any fitness routine.
Amanda C, Schwenksville, PA

After gaining weight during COVID by fooling myself that I wasn’t eating any different than I had in the past, I got an invitation to participate in a Weight Loss Challenge.  Initially I thought, I’ll do it next round.  Truly, there is no time like the present.  I have participated in challenges in the past, but none have been like this one.  Ashley makes you feel like you are the only person she’s working with.  She makes you feel worth it.  She is superior at cheering you along and helping you recognize changes you can make to get the results you are looking for.  She wants you to set reasonable goals that you can attain rather than lofty ones that eventually cause you to give up.  She talks you through sensible change that you can incorporate in to your life style rather than quick fixes.  I have struggled with weight most of my life, but with Get Fit With Ashley I have been supported, educated and cheered on in such an outstanding way that change is finally happening.
– Susan B, Hooksett, NH

I used to work with Ashley at Knoll when she started a 2020 weight loss challenge. It was just what I needed to start me on a healthier lifestyle. The eight weeks was challenging but Ashley made it so much fun. She provided support and advice when she felt it was needed. She knows when to support you and knows when to kick you in the butt. She gets to know you personally and truly cares about your progress. She is passionate about her program and making the world a healthier place. I lost a bit over 50 pounds during the challenge, I had a lot to lose. I continued her teachings and lost a total of 86 pounds in about six months and managed to keep most of it off. Most of it. Looking at it now I basically didn’t want to disappoint her. That’s what she does to you. You feel so comfortable with her, she makes herself feel like a friend, not a coach. She gets the best out of you and really wants you to succeed.
Now I am in another challenge with her. I set lofty goals and will succeed. I have no choice. I don’t want her kicking my butt. Without a doubt, she has been a very positive addition in my life and one I hope will continue.
  – Christopher G, Perkiomenville, PA

I first met Ashley years ago when we worked together as engineers at Harley-Davidson’s vehicle assembly plant in York. She was always passionate and dedicated in her work and challenged me to be a better engineer. During that same time period, I started a side business to sell jewelry. Ashley single-handily used her creative and marketing skills to make my mall kiosk stand out and draw people in. She saw the potential in my business just like she sees the potential in her fitness clients.
More recently, I’ve had the pleasure to join “Get Fit With Ashley Transformation Challenge”. I’ve lost almost 7lbs in 4 weeks, which is a healthy 1 to 2 lbs per week. Ashley’s challenge is well thought out and “engineered” to allow participants to see their results in a one of a kind dashboard, participate in fitness classes, to be personally coached, as well as, receive peer constructive support. She loves helping people and it shows!! Without any hesitation, I personally recommend Ashley and her fitness program and can’t wait to continue my journey with her!
– Denise R, Los Alamos, NM

We’re in the middle of a pandemic & have not much else to do but eat… and eat … and eat.  My husband, Ryan & I easily packed on the Covid 20+!!  I lived in yoga pants working remote & quickly realized that nothing else fit!  After the holidays, we were the heaviest we’ve ever been & we both knew & felt that we were not healthy & needed to do something.  Ashley was starting her first ever virtual Couples Weight Loss Challenge!  This was perfect & we immediately knew this was something we needed to do!  The accountability this program held us to helped us exceed our weight loss goals.  Ashley was incredibly supportive & felt like our personal cheerleader every step of the way!!  We lost a combined 43.2 pounds & we feel amazing!  Thank you, Ashley for your enthusiasm & for sharing your passion to help us live healthier!
– Melinda & Ryan D, Limerick, PA

I have yoyo dieted for the last 15 years without any type of success. Ashley is my neighbor and she personally reached out to me and invited me to participate in her Weight Loss Challenge 2021. I was very hesitant but I felt that maybe I needed to be more accountable to myself. I am losing weight and I feel so good. I am counting calories and exercising every day. I have already noticed a huge health benefit – no more knee pain, headaches, and acid indigestion! Ashley is a great motivator and reaches out to me during the week to check on me. She offers zoom classes about nutrition, calorie counting, and body composition. I feel that at this moment in my life, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you Ashley for helping me with this journey! I know I would not be able to do it on my own!!!
  – Jen J, Schwenksville, PA

I have been using Weight Watchers for a few years.  Although I love their application and being able to scan food for points in the grocery store, I became stuck in dropping the weight.  I joined Ashley’s  “Get Fit with Ashley Transformation Challenge” with a friend during COVID and am pleased that I did.  Her easy going spirit and encouragement helped me jumpstart my redetermination in sticking to the program and losing weight towards my goal.  I love the weekly team weigh in’s with my partner and Ashley, as it holds me accountable for my own journey.  I am halfway to my goal for the challenge and could not be more pleased.  Ashley is both supportive and educational, as well as a cheerleader for me to stick to the program.  Sticking to the Transformation Challenge has been easy with Ashley as the lead!
– Michele H, Manchester, NH

I’ve known Ashley for quite some time now, and have had the pleasure of attending her outdoor boot camp and also one of her classes when she was a spin instructor. Ashley’s enthusiasm as a trainer is unmatched, and she is sure to keep you motivated whether it’s during a workout or during one of her weight loss challenges. I just recently completed her transformation weight loss challenge, and it’s the first time in several years that I’ve been able to successfully lose a noticeable amount of weight. Ashley was very encouraging to all members of the challenge, and even though it was virtual she still managed to make it feel more personal by keeping the group engaged with zoom sessions, informational classes, and message boards. I highly recommend working with Ashley if you’re looking for a trainer that is knowledgeable, cares about your goals, and knows how to get results. 
– Tracee, Charlotte, NC

Ashley is an outstanding motivator. She is exceptionally smart and knows how to inspire and push you to be your best.  I excel because I don’t want to let her down, she is great reliability partner because she cares about each person she works with.
  – Jesse F, Montgomeryville, PA

I’ve worked with Ashley for years and never knew about her passion for fitness until she invited me to participate in a 2020 Weight Loss Challenge.  It was hard work, but Ashley’s coaching and enthusiasm made the journey worth the effort.  The Challenge was just the thing I needed to reset my eating and exercise habits to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  I signed up for a second challenge in 2021 because I like working with Ashley and appreciate her support and encouragement.   If you want to accomplish your health and fitness goals, you want to ‘Get Fit with Ashley’!!
– Jeanne S, Quakertown, PA