The Skinny on Exercise and Weight Loss

Have you been exercising regularly to lose weight and yet aren’t seeing the results you’re expecting?

Weight loss is a huge psychological challenge, there is no doubt.  In order to lose weight and keep it off, lifestyle changes are required.  Making real lifestyle changes is not easy to do.  But when you break it down, weight loss boils down to a very basic math equation.  When the amount of calories you burn exceeds the amount of calories you eat, you lose weight.  If you’re exercising but you’re not losing weight, it’s because you’ve got the equation backwards and you’re eating more calories than you’re burning.

Many people assume that their exercising effort makes up for their food portions.  That is rarely the case.  People tend to overestimate the calories they burn from exercise and underestimate the calories they eat.  This is a dangerous combination of assumptions which will inhibit success.

Dropping pounds is mostly about making diet changes.  In fact, diet is overwhelmingly the largest single factor that influences weight loss (75-95% of weight loss will come from diet changes).  Exercise will help you meet the calorie deficit required for weight loss and exercise is a requirement for weight maintenance.  But the first step in any weight loss plan should be to take an honest look at diet.

Bottom Line:  If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re falling short of your goal, you have to do the math.  Log the calories you’re eating and burning.  It’s only when you get really honest about your “calorie count” that you can begin to understand what’s happening with your weight.  Also important to remember is that weight loss plans start with nutrition and exercise, but reducing stress, getting adequate sleep, and keeping a positive attitude are also critical to your success.

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