Stuff the Stockings with Fit Gifts!

There are only 11 days until Christmas!

Still have a bit of holiday shopping to do?  Perhaps you’re done but need some stocking stuffers?  Out of ideas?

Here are some of my favorite Fit Gifts that “Fit” your budget and your stocking!


#1 – Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This is the one I always reach for!  This insulated bottle keeps your water cold for over 12 hours (true).  I’ve been using mine for years and it’s never leaked and still in great condition.  If you need a reliable thermos to keep the drinks cold, this is the best I’ve found.  Makes a great long-lasting gift.  I own 3 of them!


#2 – Buff Headband

Anyone who’s worked out with me before knows about my passion for my Buff headbands! These are by far the best headband I’ve ever worn.  They are soft, seamless, absorbent and come in a huge selection of lengths and designs.  If you need a headband to keep the sweat away, you must have this one!


#3 – MEElectronics Ear Headphones

This is an excellent, reasonably priced set of ear headphones that are great for workouts.  The wrap-around ear clip design holds the ear piece in place and prevents “tugging” which is a huge help while you’re moving.  The wire is robust and insulated to prevent cracking.  And the best part is that the sound quality is terrific!


#4 – Resistance Bands

You can get a really good workout using resistance bands.  There are a huge variety of shoulder, arm, ab and leg exercises that can be done with tubes like these.  This pack offers 5 different resistance options because one sometimes doesn’t work for all.  Bands are a great way to add some variety to your workouts.


#5 – Zephyr Heart Rate Monitor

This is an awesome monitor that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit your heart rate to the tracking program.  It calculates calories burned, speed and distance and integrates with smartphone apps to record your workouts.  The strap is the most comfortable of any monitor I’ve tried.  More cool bonuses:  rechargeable battery and no wrist watch necessary – read the output directly from your phone!  (Android users only)


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