Give the Gift of Gettin’ Fit!

There are only a few shopping days left until Christmas!

Are you still looking for one more thing?  If so, how about giving someone the inspiration (and tools!) for a “Fitter ’14”!?

Here are some of my favorite Fit Gifts – some new, and some repeaters from last year.  With just a click, you can have this delivered within 2 days with Amazon Prime.  Easy.  Done!


Zephyr heart rate monitor (for Android)

My favorite heart rate monitor again this year (and I’ve had 2 other types in the past).  This monitor works using Bluetooth technology and does not require a wrist watch.  Always reliable with terrific battery life.  This year, there’s a version for iPhone users – click here for the iPhone compatible model.


Headband Buff

I often get asked where I get my cool headbands.  There is only one brand I’ve found that works to keep the sweat out of your eyes and the hair off your face.  And it always stays in place.  The Buff comes in a variety of colors & sizes (lengths).  This is an awesome gift anybody who likes to work up a good sweat.


Gear Beast armband for iPhone 4 & Samsung S3/4

I bought this this summer when I started running regularly.  Before then, I used to hold my phone or put it in my pocket.  This arm band is practical and inexpensive.  You can manage the screen (your apps) with the phone in the case.  It fits comfortably around your arm with tons of adjust-ability to fit over layers.  Click here for the iPhone 5 armband.


TRX Suspension Trainer

This will always be one of my favorite training systems.  There are about a million and one exercises you can do on the TRX to work every muscle, big to small.  It accommodates all fitness levels – by making slight changes in body position it’s suitable for a beginner or a more experienced althete.  Cardio, strength, endurance – all in one tidy package.  Year after year the TRX remains a favorite of mine and my clients.  It’s brilliant.  You need one.


Thermos Insulated Water Bottle

Best water bottle – hands down.  I’ve trashed all of the plastic water bottles and “wanna be metal insulated” ones.  The Thermos bottle is the one I always reach for.  I have three of them and they are worth the investment.  It keeps my water cold for more than 24 hours.  No more messing with plastic – this is a keeper for the serious water-drinker.


Bosu Balance Trainer

If you’ve never taken a Bosu (both sides up) class, make it a goal for 2014.  You won’t believe the workout you can get on this awesome thing.  The round side provides the unstable surface you need to work your core to the next level.  The flat side is great for balance or cardio (Bosu burpees are killer – LOVE LOVE!).  Just like the TRX, the Bosu is suitable for all levels.  Get one!


Slim for Life – by Jillian Michaels

I bought this book after seeing Jillian Michaels LIVE! earlier this year with one of my besties.  Jillian has a way of making everything make sense.  Solid no-nonsense advice is presented in a way that’s easy to apply in real life.  I loved this book, recommended it to several friends and even bought a few as gifts myself.  A very good read for anyone who needs to “get real” about sustainable weight management.


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