Boot Camp Classes

Boot camp is a really great overall total body workout – and lots of fun too!

Boot Camp is a great workout for men and women of all fitness levels!

Join boot camp for a fast-paced HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout of all the major muscle groups… including cardio and strength exercises, plyometrics and fitness games.

Cardio boot camp exercises build endurance and improve aerobic capacity while burning tons of calories.  Strength intervals build muscle, increase bone density and reduce the likelihood of injury.

There is nothing better than a dynamic group workout to really improve your fitness level and get you feeling great about yourself.  Please join our group for a unique workout every week!

Boot camp workouts are held outdoors in the summertime and indoors in the winter.  Please check out the schedule for more info:

Spring/Summer Boot Camp   |   Fall/Winter Boot Camp

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