Biggest Loser competition starts this week!

Boot campers get ready…. GAME ON!

Get Fit With Ashley will be hosting a Biggest Loser weight loss competition over the next 8 weeks.  Registrations are being accepted at Tuesday or Saturday boot camp this week only.

Boot campers will weigh-in and have a body fat measurement taken this week before class.  Weigh-ins will occur each week and progress will be measured as a % of initial weight lost.  Individual weights will be kept confidential and are never published.  The competition is based on % of initial weight lost, which evens the playing field for those trying to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds.  The winner of the competition will be the participant who loses the largest % of their initial weight after the 8 weeks.

Our boot campers are so excited and ready for this challenge!  Each participant will register this week with a cash payment of $25.  If a participant misses a weigh-in, they’ll pay a penalty of $5.  If a participant gains more than 1 pound in a week, they’ll pay penalty of $5.  The stakes are high… and the winner takes all!

Let’s cheer on the boot campers and see once and for all who is Get Fit With Ashley’s Biggest Loser!  Can’t wait!

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