Transformation Challenge



2021 Transformation Challenge


Challenge Dates:   January 11 – March 7, 2021

January 8-10:   Initial weigh-ins     March 5-7:  Final weigh-ins

Registrations due by January 10

Sign up for a free Zoom info session wk Jan 4



  • 8-week Challenge ending with FIVE! winners of CASH prizes. 
  • Registration fee $100 covers registration, info/QA group Zoom session, a personalized fat loss calculator, 9 weigh-ins, 20 minutes 1:1 coaching, personalized attention, sense of community, weekly leader-board, regular partner check-ins, the chance to win all your money back and most importantly – ACCOUNTABILITY (priceless). 
  • Thru-out the Challenge, participants collect raffle tickets by weighing in and losing weight between weigh-ins. 
  • NEW!  This is a partner challenge.  You can pick your partner or I can pair you up.  Your partner doesn’t need to live near you (or me!) because it’s also virtual.  An important note on partners:  This challenge invitation is sent to people I know and advertised via word of mouth from there. I do not accept complete strangers into my Challenge. You can be sure anyone you get paired with is a personal friend of mine or a friend of a friend!
  • 1st place winner is the team (partners) with the highest % weight lost and wins 50% of the prize money to split.  The individual with the highest % weight lost (apart from the partners who won) will win 20% of the prize money.  The remaining 30% of the prize money will be split between 2 randomly-drawn raffle ticket winners at 15% each.
  • Everybody pays $25 cash toward the prize money up front.  There are $5 cash penalties for gaining weight between weigh-ins or missing weigh-ins. 
  • Weigh-in days can be flexible but you must weigh in “live” via Zoom with your partner (and me).  You are allowed to miss up to two weigh-ins and still remain eligible to win. 
  • With 20 participants (my required minimum), I estimate the total prize money to be $600-700 by the end of the Challenge.  Last summer our prize money with 20 participants was $725!  Great chance to win some or all of your money back.



  • The cost to participate is $100 made out to Get Fit With Ashley, LLC.
  • Participants must contribute an additional $25 toward the prize money up front.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old and assume the responsibility to consult with their physician prior to registration.  

General Rules

  • All measurements will be taken on the participant’s personal scale via live Zoom video with me and their partner.  The Challenge is entirely virtual, so anyone living anywhere in the world could participate.
  • Participant’s scales must be a digital scale that records measurements to the tenth of a pound.
  • Participants are required to take an initial weigh-in and 8 additional weigh-ins throughout the Challenge.  Before/after photos and body measurements are optional.  
  • Individual weights will be strictly confidential and recorded by Ashley.  Only Ashley & your partner will see your weights.
  • Winner(s) will be determined based on total % of body weight lost, not total pounds.
  • Results (and prizes) will be announced within 2 days of the conclusion of the final weigh-ins. 

Weigh-in Guidelines

  • Initial weigh-ins take place January 8-10 at your scheduled time. 
  • Challenge weigh-ins (8 total) are required weekly after the initial weigh-in.  Participants will decide with their partner when their weekly weigh-in time will be (given a list of options).  Weeks run from Monday – Sunday.
  • A participant will become ineligible to win 1st place (but will remain an active participant) if more than two weigh-ins are missed. An “active participant” means if a participant drops out of the Challenge at any point after registration, $5 will be owed for each missed week of weigh-ins remaining.  No registration fees will be returned.
  • A $5 penalty fee will be charged to any participant who gains one pound or more between weigh-ins. This goes into the prize money.
  • A $5 penalty fee will be charged to any participant who misses a weigh-in for any reason. This goes into the prize money. 


  • Participants will earn raffle tickets: (1) for every weigh-in, (1) for losing < 1.0 lb since previous weigh-in and an additional (1) for losing >= 1.0 lb since previous weigh-in.  
  • The prize money consists of 100% of the $25 entry fees and 100% of the penalty fees.  
  • The partner team with the highest % weight loss will win 1st Place Team which is 50% of the total prize money (to be split between partners).  
  • The individual with the highest % weight loss will win 1st Place Individual which is 20% of the total prize money.  If the highest % weight loss individual is a member of the #1 Team, we will go to the next highest % weight loss individual on the leader-board to award the 20%.
  • The remaining 30% of the prize will be awarded by raffle.  There will be 2 raffle winners.
  • Percent weight loss will be calculated as follows:   (Initial weight – Final weight) / Initial weight.  
  • In the event of a tie for total % weight lost (to an accuracy of 0.1%); the 1st place prize money will be split.

All participants will be required to sign and date a copy of the Official Rules.

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