Transformation Challenge



Challenge Dates:   July 12 – September 5, 2020

July 10-12:   Initial weigh-ins     September 3-5:  Final weigh-ins

Registrations due by July 11.

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  • 8-week Challenge ending with 3 winners of CASH prizes. 
  • Cost $100 to join: covers registration, education session, a personalized fat loss plan, 9 weigh-ins and accountability.  If your spouse/partner joins, they receive 50% off their registration.  If you bring a friend(s) you will receive 50% off your registration. 
  • Each participant is offered a (optional) 20 minute consult with Ashley 1:1 to talk about fitness, exercise, health, nutrition or anything else related to your goals and roadblocks.
  • Thru-out the Challenge, participants collect raffle tickets by weighing in and losing weight between weigh-ins. 
  • 1st place winner is the individual with the highest % weight lost and wins 50% of the prize money.  Two other participants will win 25% of the prize money, thru a random raffle drawing. 
  • Everybody pays $25 cash toward the prize money.  There are $5 cash penalties for gaining weight between weigh-ins or missing weigh-ins. 
  • Weigh-in days can be flexible and you are allowed to miss up to two weigh-ins and still remain eligible to win. 
  • With 15 participants (my required minimum), I estimate the total prize money to be at least $500 by the end (more participants = more money).  That would be one $250 prize and two $125 prizes – good chance to win your money back!  



  • The cost to participate is $100 cash or check made out to Get Fit With Ashley, LLC.  This includes a 30-min virtual group education nutrition & weight loss session, body composition measurements, photos, nine weigh-ins and weekly standings posted online.  See opportunities for 50% discounts listed above (2nd bullet).
  • Participants must contribute an additional $25 cash toward the prize money.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old and assume the responsibility to consult with their physician prior to registration.  

General Rules

  • All measurements during the Challenge are taken on Ashley’s scale in her driveway, socially distanced and while wearing masks and shoes.  The scale will be sanitized between weigh-ins and a clean paper towel will be put on the scale under each person (if you prefer, bring your own).
  • Participants are required to take an initial weigh-in and 8 additional weigh-ins throughout the Challenge.  Before/after photos and body composition measurements are optional.  
  • Individual weights will be strictly confidential and recorded by Ashley.
  • Winner(s) will be determined based on total % of body weight lost, not total pounds.
  • Results (and prizes) will be announced on September 6. 

Weigh-in Guidelines

  • Initial weigh-ins take place July 10-12 at your pre-scheduled time. 
  • Challenge weigh-ins (8 total) are required weekly after the initial weigh-in.  Participants will weigh-in on Saturday mornings.  If there is a conflict, alternative arrangements can be made. 
  • A participant will become ineligible to win 1st place (but will remain an active participant) if more than two weigh-ins are missed.
  • A $5 penalty fee will be charged to any participant who gains one pound or more between weigh-ins.    
  • A $5 penalty fee will be charged to any participant who misses a weigh-in for any reason.    


  • Participants will earn raffle tickets: (1) for every weigh-in, (1) for losing <= 1.0 lb since previous weigh-in and an additional (1) for losing > 1.0 lb since previous weigh-in.  
  • The prize money consists of 100% of the $25 entry fees and 100% of the penalty fees.  
  • The individual with the highest % weight loss will win 1st Place which is 50% of the total prize money.  
  • The remaining 50% of the prize will be awarded by raffle:  Two participants each win 25% of the prize money.  
  • Percent weight loss will be calculated as follows:   (Initial weight – Final weight) / Initial weight.  
  • In the event of a tie for total % weight lost (to an accuracy of 0.1%); the 1st place prize money will be split.

All participants will be required to sign and date a copy of the Official Rules.

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